Azadian Group Small Business Funding provides $80K to Philadelphia mechanical and plumbing contractor

The company, in business for over 30 years, serves as a subcontractor to major general contractors in the Philadelphia metro area on large commercial and residential construction projects.  The company was hired several months ago on a major project in downtown Philadelphia and required additional working capital to pay employees and contract workers until payments are received from the general contractor.

Despite traditional difficulties in financing construction-related businesses and especially sub-contractors, we were able to quickly finalize due diligence and provide the necessary financing in the necessary timeframe.

Azadian Group provides $200K bridge financing to North Jersey real estate developer

The developer has purchased all vacant and abandoned city-owned properties in a well-known Northern New Jersey city and has begun to rehabilitate the properties using local tradesmen and laborers, creating hundreds of jobs in the process.

The developer purchased the properties and conducted the initial rehabs using its own cash, depleting its cash reserves and making it difficult to obtain traditional bank financing. 

Azadian Group partnered with a local investment fund to quickly provide the necessary financing, along with an agreement for ongoing funding as needed.

Azadian Group provides $300K to Los Angeles-based e-cigarette manufacturer

The company owns and manufactures several leading brands of e-cigarette, vaporizers, e-hookah and nicotine liquids and has achieved solid success on the West Coast.  The company had developed a national and international expansion strategy and required working capital to implement their plan.  Due to the nature of their business and the terms of sale to customers, they were unable to secure bank financing and were forced to consider taking outside investment, which would dilute the equity of the current owners.  We were able to provide the necessary funding, secured by cashflow, inventory and intangible assets, allowing the company to expand its business without giving away future upside potential.

Azadian Group provides $50K to Baltimore, MD broadcasting school

The school, in operation for over 40 years and the source of numerous radio and TV celebrities and notables, was recently acquired by one of its more accomplished alums.  The new owner is implementing a strategic growth plan beginning in the Fall session and required some additional working capital until tuition payments start to roll in in a few months.  

Azadian Group provides $850K to CA-based plastic resins distributor

The company is a major distributor of commodity plastic resins including polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene.

The company's previous banking relationship was failing to meet its growing financial needs.  The company identified a new long-term lender and is in the process of closing on that transaction.   However, the company required short-term bridge financing to cover supplier costs and working capital needs during the transition to its new lender, which we were able to provide very quickly.

Azadian Group provides $300K to equipment manufacturer

The company, a U.S. subsidiary of a European conglomerate, manufactures and distributes explosion-proof light & heavy equipment.  Customers include businesses operating in the following industries:  aerospace, construction, nuclear power, mining, automotive, explosives, distilling, and oil & gas.

The company recently received a number of large orders and required funding while it completes the production cycle and receives payment from its customers.

Azadian Group provides $300K credit facility to NYC wire hanger importer

The company recently experienced a large increase in orders from major drycleaning product suppliers and required immediate funding to have the manufactured products released from port and transported to the end-customers.

Azadian Group immediately wired the balance owed to the Asian manufacturers, allowing 4 shipping containers of wire hangers to be released from port and they are currently en route to their final destinations throughout the U.S.

The facility will accommodate anticipated monthly order volume moving forward.

Azadian Group provides $75K to Utah industrial trades staffing firm

The company has been providing experienced trade staffing services since 1995 and recently received a large influx of new business, resulting in a short-term working capital crunch until payments from the new customers start to come in.  Azadian Group provided the funding within several days of the request, allowing the company to hire and place dozens of qualified tradesmen.

The company was referred by a factoring provider that wasn't able to get comfortable with the specific contract terms the company has with its customers but wanted to assist the company in obtaining financing.  With this transaction, the factoring provider was able to boost its reputation by helping an area business, its sales rep was able to salvage a commission from an otherwise declined deal, the company was able to execute on its new contracts, and workers were placed in good jobs.

"I truly appreciate how quickly you were able to help us."  Tom, General Manager

Azadian Group provides $25K to New Mexico nursing staffing services company

The company was awarded a major contract to provide nurse staffing services to a nationwide network of hospitals and medical facilities, which has the potential to provide huge growth to this previously small business.

However, like many staffing firms, the company struggled with meeting payroll and expenses during the time between starting to provide services and invoicing customers and receiving payment.  The client had already factored its receivables with a national factoring provider but, due to the factor's 80% A/R advance rate limitations, there still remained a shortfall in working capital.

Wanting to help its valued client, the factoring company referred them to Azadian Group's Small Business Growth Fund, which promptly provided the funding, taking a second position to the factoring provider.

Azadian Group provides $80K to NYC Latin restaurants

The owners have 2 locations in Manhattan and needed funding to lease and build out a banquet space on a second floor above one of the locations.  We were able to provide the capital within just a few days from the initial request, allowing the owners to take advantage of a time-sensitive rental opportunity which will help to substantially grow revenues.

Azadian Group client, The Players Tribune, closes $9.5mm funding round

The sports media platform, founded by baseball legend Derek Jeter, closed today on a second round of funding (and their first venture capital round) in the amount of $9.5mm.  New investor, VC firm NEA, joined existing investor Legendary Entertainment to bring the total amount invested in the company to over $12.6mm. 

Azadian Group's Small Business Growth Fund provided bridge financing to the company in anticipation of the closing.  

"Thank you again for servicing our funding needs.  Your help allowed us to pull down financing at a critical juncture in our company’s evolution."  Ray, CFO

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Azadian Group provides $175K to a NJ-based telecom software company

The company, whose customers include global telecommunications providers T-Mobile, Time Warner Cable, XO Communications, Vodafone Australia, Telefonica, etc., wanted to monetize 2 relatively large customer invoices to fund current working capital needs.  We advanced 50% of the total amount of the invoices within 48 hours of the initial call, without requiring end-customer notification, receivables lockbox or redirection of invoice payments.  The company will repay the funding upon receipt of payment on the invoices. 

Azadian Group provides $200K add-on financing to Utah-based healthcare services group

The publicly-traded company provides diabetes-related monitoring and management services to members of its health insurance clients, helping to reduce healthcare costs for both insurers and employers.

This funding represents the 5th tranche of funding to this company, totaling $730K since October 2014. 

"Thank you for supporting the growth of our company."  - SVP of Finance

Azadian Group's Small Business Growth Fund provides additional financing of $50K to a Utah-based event management and retail road show consulting firm

The company assists clients in setting up and managing in-store and out-of-store events and retail roadshows.  Customers include major home product and apparel suppliers.

We previously funded $100K to the company and due to their growth and our positive experience with them we were able to advance an additional $50K just a few months later.

Azadian Group provides $100K to NYC construction services business

The company, a leader in its niche services segment, has been experiencing a seasonal slowdown in revenues and required short-term working capital to tide them over until business picks up again in the Fall.  Due to a significant tax lien and the general nature of the construction business, the company was unable to secure traditional bank or ABL financing.  We were able to close in just a few days from application.

Azadian Group's Small Business Growth Fund provides $60K to national footwear wholesaler

The family-owned company, in business for several decades, ran into some cashflow issues due to the labor strikes at West Coast shipping ports.  They already factored all their accounts receivable and were unable to obtain additional funding from the senior lender.  We agreed to take a second position on the company's assets and were able to immediately fund $60K, with approvals in place for an additional $350K at the company's discretion.

Azadian Group provides $100K bridge financing to West Coast healthcare services company

The company, a leader in healthcare diagnostic and monitoring services, is in the process of closing on a round of equity financing and required a short-term bridge to cover some working capital needs.  Being a high-growth, early-stage business, the company has a high burn rate and operating losses and so has not been able to secure traditional bank financing.  Using the company's accounts receivable and cashflow as collateral, we were able to very quickly provide the necessary capital funding.